Top 33 JavaScript Projects on GitHub (December 2020)

10 December, 2020
Top 33 JavaScript Projects on GitHub

2020 is coming to its end, and we may do another snapshot of 33 most starred open-sourced JavaScript repositories on GitHub as of December 10th, 2020.

You may compare it to the snapshot from 2018. You may also query the GitHub to fetch the latest results.

#1 freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp's open source codebase and curriculum. Learn to code at home. ★ 317k

#2 vuejs/vue

Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web. ★ 176k

#3 facebook/react

A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. ★ 160k

#4 twbs/bootstrap

The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. ★ 146k

#5 airbnb/javascript

JavaScript Style Guide ★ 103k

#6 d3/d3

Bring data to life with SVG, Canvas, and HTML. ★ 94.8k

#7 facebook/react-native

A framework for building native apps with React. ★ 92.1k

#8 trekhleb/javascript-algorithms

Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings ★ 88.2k

#9 facebook/create-react-app

Set up a modern web app by running one command. ★ 84.4k

#10 axios/axios

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js ★ 79.7k

#11 nodejs/node

Node.js JavaScript runtime ★ 75.3k

#12 30-seconds/30-seconds-of-code

Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs ★ 66k

#13 mrdoob/three.js

JavaScript 3D library. ★ 65.4k

#14 FortAwesome/Font-Awesome

The iconic SVG, font, and CSS toolkit ★ 64.6k

#15 mui-org/material-ui

React components for faster and simpler web development. Build your own design system, or start with Material Design. ★ 63.4k

#16 angular/angular.js

AngularJS - HTML enhanced for web apps! ★ 59.5k

#17 vercel/next.js

The React Framework ★ 58.2k

#18 webpack/webpack

A bundler for javascript and friends. Packs many modules into a few bundled assets. Code Splitting allows for loading… ★ 56.7k

#19 goldbergyoni/nodebestpractices

The Node.js best practices list (December 2020) ★ 56.1k

#20 hakimel/reveal.js

The HTML Presentation Framework ★ 54.9k

#21 jquery/jquery

jQuery JavaScript Library ★ 54.3k

#22 atom/atom

The hackable text editor ★ 53.7k

#23 socketio/

Realtime application framework (Node.JS server) ★ 51.9k

#24 gothinkster/realworld

The mother of all demo apps" — Exemplary full-stack clone powered by React, Angular, Node, Django, and man… ★ 51.5k

#25 chartjs/Chart.js

Simple HTML5 Charts using the canvas tag ★ 51.3k

#26 expressjs/express

The fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node. ★ 51.1k

#27 typicode/json-server

Get a full fake REST API with zero codings in less than 30 seconds (seriously) ★ 51k

#28 awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted

A list of Free Software network services and web applications that can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process… ★ 50.8k

#29 adam-p/markdown-here

Google Chrome, Firefox, and Thunderbird extension that lets you write an email in Markdown and render it before sending. ★ 49.3k

#30 Semantic-Org/Semantic-UI

Semantic is a UI component framework based around useful principles from natural language. ★ 48.8k

#31 gatsbyjs/gatsby

Build blazing fast, modern apps, and websites with React ★ 48.1k

#32 lodash/lodash

A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance, & extras. ★ 47.4k

#33 resume/

Resumes generated using the GitHub information ★ 46.9k

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