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Jul 2022

Drawing app to express, grasp, and organize your thoughts and ideas. Draw to explain. Draw to grasp.

  • Drawing
  • Sketching
  • Whiteboard
May 2021 β†’ Sep 2021

Training the car to do self-parking using a genetic algorithm

  • Genetic
  • Algorithms
  • Three.js
  • + more
Apr 2021 β†’ Apr 2021

Content-aware image resizer based on Seam Carving algorithm. Also performs objects removal

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Algorithms
  • + more
Dec 2020

My personal website with a list of my projects that help people learn and blog posts about life, web-development, and machine-learning

  • Gatsby
  • TypeScript
  • Blog
Oct 2020 β†’ Dec 2020

Links Detector makes printed links clickable via your smartphone camera. No need to type a link in, just scan and click on it

Jan 2020 β†’ May 2020

Interactive Machine Learning experiments: models training + models demo

Feb 2020

Curated list of state-of-the-art shitcode principles your project should follow to call it a proper shitcode

  • JavaScript
  • StyleGuide
  • Coding
  • + more
Mar 2020 β†’ Apr 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard to show the dynamics of Π‘oronavirus distribution per country

  • COVID-19
  • React
Dec 2019 β†’ Jan 2020

NanoNeuron is 7 simple JavaScript functions that will give you a feeling of how machines can actually "learn".

Jan 2019 β†’ Feb 2019

React hook usePosition() for fetching and following a browser geolocation

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Geolocation
  • + more
Sep 2018 β†’ Sep 2019

The book about basic algorithms and datastructures implemented in JavaScript

  • JavaScript
  • Algorithms
  • Book
Dec 2018 β†’ Jan 2019

Python examples of popular machine learning algorithms with interactive Jupyter demos and math being explained

Jun 2018

Curated list of the free web-resources you may want to use to promote your next startup

  • Promotion
  • Links
  • Startup
Feb 2018

Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings

  • JavaScript
  • Jest
  • Algorithms
  • + more
Oct 2018 β†’ Nov 2018

MatLab/Octave examples of popular machine learning algorithms with code examples and mathematics being explained

Aug 2018 β†’ Sep 2018

Playground and cheatsheet for learning Python. Collection of Python scripts that are split by topics and contain code examples with explanations

  • Python

➑️ Aggregatus | Data Aggregation Service

Jan 2017 β†’ Jan 2018

Service that helps you to aggregate information of the same meaning but from the different websites and makes it searchable, filterable, and sortable as if it all was from the one website

Jan 2017 β†’ Jan 2018

Seed project for Angular libraries that are AOT/JIT compatible and that use external SCSS-styles and HTML-templates

  • TypeScript
  • WebPack
  • Angular
Feb 2010 β†’ Feb 2017

Online Bible study web-service that gives users possibility to study Bible by reading it in 4 modern translations, comparing verses to theirs Greek and Hebrew originals, investigating cross-linked verses, making a cross-Bible search, listening to audio Bible, using different Bible study plans and more

🧢 Hook&Thread

Nov 2016 β†’ Dec 2016

Web-shop of knitted accessories.

We've launched this project with my wife to get an online selling platform for knitted accessories she was producing at that time.

The project was running on WordPress with the great support of the WooCommerce module.

  • Wordpress
  • WooCommerce

πŸ•Έ SiteProm Web Studio

Jan 2008 β†’ Dec 2011

The web-studio that was created by my friend and I where we were specialized on providing a full-support during website creation

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript